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Dance Instructor/Choreographer
Wibraham & Windsor Locks

Matt is a graduate of Muhlenberg College where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Dance and Theatre with concentrations in education, choreography, performance studies, and stage management. Matt has studied dance for over eighteen years in various locations throughout Connecticut and Pennsylvania as well as at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York City. He has received the award for Best Student Choreography at the 2015 KO Wyvern A Cappella Festival and most recently won a award for best choreography (non-equity) for The Wizard of Oz. Matt also teaches at the Goodman Performing Arts Center in Orange, CT, Dance Central in Middlefield, CT, Pantochino Productions in Milford, CT, and Connecticut Family Theatre in West Hartford, CT. Throughout Connecticut, Matt has performed with various theatre companies as well as choreographed a multitude of shows for ages 6-25 with the Performing Arts Programs, East Hartford Summer Youth Festival, Wethersfield Teen Theatre, Tootin’ Hills Elementary School, Connecticut Family Theatre, East Hartford Middle School, and Panotchino Productions. Matt has taught in various locations throughout Allentown, PA as well and has also performed professionally with the Muhlenberg Summer Theatre in My Fair Lady (Dance Ensemble) and Anything Goes (Dance Captain). During the spring of 2018 Matt studied dance in Arezzo, Italy at the Accademia Dell’Arte.

Matthew Guerrera: TeamMember
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